Services Tailored to Your Needs

One of the top reasons clients choose Herbers Seed is the expertise and personal touch they experience when working with a hometown company. All customers receive one-on-one consulting from the moment they walk in the door. Our dedicated team helps farmers feel confident they are making the right decisions for a profitable year. In addition, any individuals or companies that are subcontracted for special services are sure to have a long history and superb reputation with us and our clients.

Personalized Services

  • Crop scouting
  • Soil sampling—grid and conventional
  • Fertilizer recommendations and prescriptions
  • Custom application of dry fertilizer
  • Custom chemical application through independent applicators
  • Aerial application
  • Seed treatment, including fungicides, insecticides and inoculants
  • Automated Scale and Ticketing System
  • RTK Boundaries 
  • Planting Prescriptions


New in 2016 - Dual Application - Banded Dry Fertilizer with Anhydrous

Strip Till Bar






With our new Strip Tillage equipment, we can apply both dry fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia in one application.  Combining these applications reduce traffic, compaction, and application costs spent on multiple trips across the field.  Dry fertilizer is also placed within a band reducing the likelihood of washing away through the winter thaws and pre-plant rains.  For more information please contact Lou or Matt.

Record Archiving

Unique to the industry, Herbers Seed offers record archiving for their customers. When clients log on to the website, a personal page is provided where they can access all documentation related to past services completed. Files can also be uploaded to the site, allowing a one-stop location for all important crop information and documents. (Please call 712-563-4440 for more information on this client service.)

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