Spring Checklist

posted on 3/20/2019 in NEWS

Liquid Fertilizer Loadout

Liquid Loadout Upgrade 

Winter gave us a chance to upgrade our Liquid Fertilizer Facility to accommodate customer needs to load into either side of their tank. This will give the traffic flow a much more organized direction. All truck traffic now will enter from the south of the facility and pull through to the north and exit . 

The Kahler Automated System is set up to allow for 24/7 self load and this spring it will be an un-manned facility. The process for loading liquid fertilizer is easy and customer friendly, however only customers with pre-approved orders will have access. 

The loadout process is fast and efficient and will keep everyone moving this spring! It is highly recommended that all tanks have been fitted with  3" load in capacity, without any reductions, so that the flow of liquid fertilizer is not impeded. The system is designed for high volume and line leaking or breakage can occur when there is restriction in the flow. 

Checking for any leaking around the intakes or sediment buildup inside your tank is a must before arriving at the loadout. Road worthy tanks/trailers are expected for loading into.

Know your tank size!! Your ability to hold the quantity requested from the system is very important. Overfilling and loss of product is costly to you and messy for all. 

Leaking fertilizer in and around the facility is something we would like to avoid.

Any 1st time users of our facility are encouraged to make an appointment ahead of time to get your pin code and dispensing instructions. For those that have used our facility before we are happy to do a refresher. Just call ahead so we can make someone available. 

A safe and smooth spring is our hope!

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