AMS Mixer

With the ability to easily inject products into our water source, we started thinking about what else we could do to improve our facility. 

One of the ideas that immediately came to mind was using AMS in solution with the water.  

AMS Mixer

Most herbicide labels call for the use of AMS as a water conditioner.  The AMS reacts with cations in water that could potentially reduce the effectiveness of a herbicide.  Most farmers dislike handling 51# bags of AMS and have switched to some sort of AMS substitute.

Spray grade AMS is finer and purer than the granular AMS we typically spread on our fields.  The analysis of both is 21-0-0-24S.  We will dissolve spray grade ammonium sulfate into water by dumping 2000# totes into a liquid fertilizer mixing plant.  The final solution will contain 3.4# AMS per gallon.

We will then inject this solubilized AMS into the water therefore “preconditioning” the water.  A typical inclusion rate will be 5 percent (95 gallons water plus 5 gallons solubilized AMS).  This rate yields 17# AMS in 100 gallons of spray solution.   Additional adjuvants can also be injected into the water along with the AMS.





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