Products and Services

One of the top reasons clients choose Herbers Seed is the expertise and personal touch they experience when working with a hometown company.
Our dedicated team helps farmers feel confident they are making the right decisions for a profitable year. We partner with individuals or companies for services our clients can be assured will have our standards of high quality and good reputation.


Bean Bins


We deliver high-quality seeds to help our customers achieve better harvests. We offer AgriGold Corn, Hoegemeyer Corn and Beans, Stine® Beans and Seed Treatments.

Dry Fertilizer


We offer Dry Fertilizer accurately dispensed and blended using Kahler Automation. Liquid Fertilizer is available 24/7 using Kahler Automation. Our Anhydrous Ammonia Plant services customers with tool bars or custom applied by Herbers Seed.

Crop Protection Chemicals

Products are available from all of the major chemical manufacturers, including but not limited to: Corteva, DuPont, Bayer, FMC, Dow, BASF, AmVac, Valent, and Syngenta.

Crop Insurance

Consultations and guidance are available to direct clients to the best crop insurance for their operation. Lou Herbers is a licensed agent and writes for  NAU Country Insurance.


Personalized Services

Our personalized services include: Crop scouting, Soil sampling, Fertilizer recommendations and prescriptions, Custom application of dry fertilizer, Custom chemical application through independent applicators, Aerial application, Seed treatment (including fungicides, insecticides and inoculants), Automated Scale and Ticketing System, RTK Boundaries, and Planting Prescriptions

Record Archiving

Our customer portal enables easy access to files of the various services we provided throughout the year. Access your records at home or in the field using your computer, phone or tablet.  

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