Building Containment

The Warehouse is 100' wide by 300' long.  The office area is 42' x 42'. The concrete floor of the warehouse is 8" thick with rebar on 18" centers.

Build 1

Build 2

Build 4

Build 5

The entire warehouse is contained and sloped to the center of the building.  There is 9" of fall from the outside wall to center sump.

-Saw cuts and edges were filled with a self-leveling sealant

-Additionally, the center sump slopes to a central sump for easy collection and removal of rinseate.  The building was designed to contain any spill that may occur and exceeds the specifications required by IDALS (Iowa Department of Ag and Land Stewardship).

The grating is constructed of stainless steel to minimize corrosion and extend the lifetime.

The South end of the warehouse is intended for storage of packaged products on pallets and cage tanks.  Lines were painted to keep products neat, clean, and organized.  This area of storage has the capacity for approximately 50 truckloads of product.

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