Mass Flow - Theory of Operation

All of the bulk products dispensed throughout the facility will be measured using an Emerson Mass Flow Meter.  

Water and Liquid Fertilizers will use the 4 inch mass flow meter, while the lower volume products such as chemicals, surfactants, and low-rate fertilizers will run through a 2 inch mass flow meter.

An explanation of the Coriolis flow design can be found within the video below:

Video Summary:

Flow enters the meter and is diverted into 2 sections of pipe.  The opposite flows of these 2 pipes create a Coriolis effect that creates movement within the pipes at a regular interval.  The frequency of this movement is measured to determine flow.

Why did we choose these meters in this facility?

The Emerson mass flow meters provide high accuracy for dispensing of products and will accurately measure changes to our flow that will occur with temperature and pressure changes.  This ensures we are loading the correct increments of product throughout the season.

More information can be found on the Emerson website:


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