PLC Panels and Motor Controls

How do all these pumps, meters, and computers work?

First steps were to design a plan of our intended use for the facility.  This involved decisions on the number of products, pumps, dispensing locations, injection points, etc.


After the design was finalized (or revised 5 times during build-out in our case) we knew how many pumps would be required and the PLC panels could be built.

What is a PLC panel?

"PLC" or Programmable Logic Controllers are generally used in industrial settings to convert an electrical input from a computer or other source into an output for a motor, valve, or other device.

Once the number of pumps was decided, the Pump Starter Panels and Motor Starter Panels could be built. 

Each of the Pump Starter Panels (located in the MCC room) holds up to 12 motor starter contactors triggered by a 24-volt electrical signal from the Main System Control Panel. 

The Motor Starter Panels (located on the north warehouse wall) contain a "VFD" or Variable Frequency Drive motor that can vary pump speeds as determined by the PLC inputs.  


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