One of the most important pieces of the facility is the software.  Having a user-friendly interface to dispense products is key to making everything run smoothly.

We began using Kahler Automation with our first liquid fertilizer plant and have since added it throughout our campus to track and dispense almost every input that we receive or dispense.

Kahler has continued to improve their products meeting the needs of a more tech-sa
vvy customer base and increasing labor shortages in rural communities.   

The Self-Serv kiosk provides a means of loading orders as early or late as the season dictates.  Using a driver name/number quickly brings up the available orders and allows the user to select how much product to load.

Below is a video of how the Self-Serv software operates:

At the end of each load, the ticket with dispensed amounts is emailed to as many people as desired and updates the facility inventory.


For more information on Kahler Automation:

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