Wells and Water Flow

There are 2 wells by the creek the supply water to this facility.  These are 32 feet deep with a 10 foot sand screen to pre-filter sediment from the water.

The wells have a 1 horsepower, 3-phase motor on each pump that will be monitored with a Pump-Tec controller.  If a well starts to get low, the amperage draw will be reduced.  When this occurs, the controller will turn off the pump for a pre-defined interval before attempting to draw water again.

Each water line from the well has a seperate pressure tank, filter, and flow meter to measure flow rate and gallons.  Two 2" stainless pipes run to the outside containment to fill water storage tanks.

These tanks are equipped with a float that sends signals to air-actuated valves that positively shuts off the water flow.

The office and bathrooms are plumbed into city water.

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