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posted by Kris Herbers on 9/9/2020 in NEWS

Rene RustvoldWe have been very fortunate to have Rene Rustvold as a wonderful employee and friend for almost 10 years!
Rene came to work for Herbers Seed in August of 2011. Her great customer service and detail-oriented work have been invaluable to us.  With Rene you are always treated to a warm smile when you walk in the door.  Our business is ever changing and evolving and the pace and the seasonality of the industry can be challenging.  Rene has worked beside us through these seasons always with a smile and great attitude. 
It is because of Rene’s qualities that we are very thankful for her time here and also very saddened to announce her departure from Herbers Seed.  Rene will be greatly missed by coworkers and customers alike. 
Rene has taken a position at the Audubon County Memorial Hospital. We know this change will make a huge difference in our business but we also know that Rene has made this change for herself and what she needs at this point in her life.  We will encourage Rene in her new role and give her our full support.
We wish Rene every happiness and hope her new position offers her time to enjoy life, embrace the seasons and find fulfillment. 

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