September 18th, 2020

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Week of September 18, 2020

Andrew Blomme

Fall is finally upon us. With plenty to keep everyone busy right now, I will keep this week’s updates brief. This newsletter will cover the weather trends for the next 6-10 days and the importance to collecting accurate harvest data.



The next 6-10 days look to bring us above average temperatures and below average precipitation.

Temperature Outlook

Temperature Outlook


Precipitation Outlook

Precipation Outlook

These conditions are ideal for a stretch of prime harvesting days over the next week. As of Friday, it looks like there is a slim chance for rain in the early part of next week but precipitation is unlikely.


2020 Harvest Data

As technology advances in agriculture every bit of data has value to farmers. Yield data is no exception. 2020 brought unique environmental conditions that will provide us with information that we were unable to see in past years' yield data. Accurate harvest data from this year will be very valuable to you as a producer as it can be used for multiple applications in the future.

Different soil types have different capabilities in terms of producing a crop. For example, a soil that was 50% sand would be less able to support a high bushel corn crop compared to a silty loam in the similar conditions due to difference in soil texture, physics and chemistry. This difference can be quantified with fall yield data. With water being very limited this year, I predict that we will vividly see those differences on yield monitors. Using this data, we can maximize the yield potential of a field with different soil types by creating and utilizing variable rate planting prescriptions. Herbers Seed has provided planting prescriptions as a service for several years. Accurate harvest data from past years and specifically 2020 will help Michael and I dial in future planting prescriptions for your operation.


2021 Seed Financing Program

As we get near the finish line for 2020, we can look forward to 2021. Herbers Seed has partnered with JD Financial to provide you with a unique financing opportunity for your 2021 seed inputs. Details can be found below. Lou and I will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the program.

JD Finance

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